sunita has been experimenting with business models for craft chocolate since 2005, trying to find ways to support small makers, who are making great chocolate in a way that serves both the customer and the cacao farmers and producers. she likes to call this "happy chocolate".

sunita started the chocolate garage® in 201o, a specialty boutique for the best chocolate, also leading hundreds of team buildings and private tastings with chocolate and various pairings. she built a thriving local community around small batch craft chocolate, in all its deliciousness and transparency.

she started leading trips to cocoa origin and chocolate making countries in 2016, and through these trips, produces a short film for each trip, sharing with all what beautiful and inspiring models she finds on her journeys.

she still believes that we can bring about delicious change through happy chocolate®. and is delighted brian pushed her on working on a podcast together.


brian beyke

brian brings his coffee knowledge and is rapidly tasting all the chocolate that is out there. his knowledge and palate for coffee, bring a sensitivity and structure that is not always found in cacao and chocolate evaluation.

brian digs into most things deeply and after geeking out about coffee for five years, now he is taking on craft chocolate, and brings a keen eye and taste bud (yeah, just one--the gianduia one!) to his work. brian also co-hosts the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, and thought branching out to chocolate would be a great way to learn more and eat more chocolate. perhaps in the opposite order. 

brian is also excited by the prospect of premium coffee and cocoa markets providing more value at origin, putting producing countries into a position to capture more of the value of these commodified foods.