Episode 5 - Current Favorites, Entries to Chocolate, and a Model of Creating Value

In this episode we talk about a few bars we've been excited about lately, how our paths of entry differ yet meet in the middle, and how one builds a system to engage customers around a new food category.






Episode Highlights

  • (0:30) Sunita and Brian discuss their favorite bars from Patric Chocolate, including pairing bars with tequila.

  • (5:30) Sunita describes the model of the Chocolate Garage and the history of Patric Chocolate’s Boss Bar and other collaborations.

  • (12:16) Sunita discusses her favorite gianduja bars.  

  • (18:05) How is India growing as a source of cacao?

  • (19:51) How can chocolate help engineers learn about sustainable design?

  • (23:41) Brian discusses how he come to appreciate the importance of paying more for good chocolate.

  • (28:15) Brian likens experiencing chocolate flavor to quality guitar amps.  

  • (30:14) Sunita discusses her background as a molecular biologist, how she developed the Chocolate Garage, and how it fits within the ethos of the nearby weekly farmers market.  

  • (49:50) Who is the ideal consumer for bean-to-bar craft chocolate?

Favorite Quotations

  • Sunita: “In [discovering chocolate,] I came to see an opportunity for cacao to lift up communities.”

  • Brian: “Understanding from the coffee side first, and how it trickles back and all the steps it goes back through for the farmer, it was an easy transition to see a value that would be there in regards to chocolate.” 



Brian Beyke