Episode 22 - Interview with Alan 'Patric' McClure

After many months of quiet, Brian and I are back with the next episode of Unwrapped! This is our second interview, this time with one of the first and perhaps most respected of the founding craft chocolate makers: Alan McClure of Patric Chocolate.

Alan has contributed to craft chocolate in so many ways, often misunderstood, often without much flash, but in the most steadfast, thorough, and thoughtful way. His quest for perfection sometimes gets in his way, but I don’t think he knows any other way. .

Listen to this rare interview with him, where he carved out time in his very busy schedule. Alan not only makes some of the most delicious craft chocolate around, but he is also a full time Ph.D candidate in Food Science. .

In this juicy, extended podcast, we learn about how he recently went down the hot sauce rabbit hole and has yet to get out... 50 varieties of hot peppers in his garden later... and how he first came to understand the potential of chocolate while studying in France and discovering Valrhona.

Alan offers advice on the three things all chocolate makers should do, first advising them to reconsider chocolate making as a reasonable profession, and then if they insist on going down *that* rabbit hole, he insists that any fledgling chocolate maker ought to taste as much chocolate as they can. And to never stop tasting. Among a couple others pieces of advice... .

So settle into a cozy nook, or listen while sorting cacao, or cooking dinner... get inside Alan’s head, to learn more about how the great Patric Chocolate came to be!

Brian Beyke