Episode 4 - Competition

In this episode we talk about Brian's coffee competition coming up, and what it may look like for a similar thing to exist in chocolate or what prevents that.


Episode Highlights

  • (0:25) What specialty coffee events does Brian attend?

  • (4:45) Can coffee tasting competitions serve as a guide for chocolate tasting events?

  • (7:03) How do ethnic food traditions enhance the ability to taste chocolate and appreciate its nuances.

  • (14:00) Why and how does Sunita incorporate a defective chocolate bar into her blind tastings?

  • (17:00) How can makers experiment with differing percentages of the same cacao?

  • (21:15) Sunita and Brian discuss efforts by chocolate makers and organizations to have blind chocolate making competitions using the same cacao.

  • (26:08) How can chocolate awards encourage entrants to make and submit the best chocolate?

  • (36:00) Sunita discusses designing a retail experience at the Chocolate Garage that aligns with her values.

  • (41:45) Brian discusses his upcoming coffee competition.  

Favorite Quotations

  • Sunita: “I look forward to a day where it is agreed upon and folks in the [craft chocolate] industry understand that there are objective flaws.”

  • Brian (paraphrasing @ScottDFW): “A lot of times you think about greatness in terms of flavor or lots of it or more so about what something does have instead of what something doesn’t have.”


Brian Beyke